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Costume Rentals at Shakespeare & Co.

We have thousands of costumes for rent from our three-decade-old stock, including approximately 2,000 pairs of shoes and boots, 1,800 hats and crowns, 425 masks, and 20,000 pieces of clothing which cover most historic and modern periods.

Contact the costume rentals team with your specific needs and to learn more about our stock.

Costume Rentals are self service, at our Lenox campus, by appointment only. We do not pull and ship costumes.

Costume Rental Fees

Rental rates for schools, colleges, and theatres (non-profits) are $35/costume for the first week of performance, and $20/costume for each subsequent week.

Rental rates for individuals, businesses, films, corporations are $75/costume for the first week, and $40/costume for each subsequent week, with a deposit required.

A costume is defined as the reasonable number of garments and accessories needed for one character for one scene, typically 3-5 pieces and accessories.

Consultation fee: $25 an hour

To get started on your rental, contact us.

Costume Rental Notes and Policies

Shakespeare & Company makes extensive use of its costume stock. During busy periods of the year, we may not be able to accommodate your rental needs. All Shakespeare & Company costume pieces are released at the discretion of the Costume Director.

We do not rent tights or stockings, corsets or undergarments, antique or vintage pieces, high boots, or various other pieces at the discretion of the Costume Director.

Costume rental fees are per whole costume, defined as the needs for one character for one scene as determined by the Costume Director. All items must be laundered or dry cleaned prior to restocking. Costumes may not be cut, dyed, painted or irreparably altered, and must be returned in the condition in which they were rented. Deposits are held subject to proper return of a rental and will be kept if items are lost or damaged.


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