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Shakespeare & Company, in partnership with The NET presents Breaking Dawn: The American Myth (Film and Audiocasts)


This inaugural film features the legacy of cultural strategist, anti-lynching activist, journalist, data gatherer, teacher, and civil rights pioneer Ida B. Wells (1862-1931). Through Ida B. Wells' cultural legacy, we aim to ‘Get Free’ as we trace the threads of how a history of violence in the deep-south eerily serves as a microcosm for our modern day context.

NET Audiocast Performances

The NET is an audio performance to help give context to the audience about the production of Breaking Dawn: The American Myth. It is an opportunity for listeners to learn more about political activist and journalist, Ida B. Wells, and how her work continues to reverberate today. There will be one Net performance which participants are encouraged to listen to before they watch The American Myth film, and one for afterwards. Each audiocast will feature performers who worked on the piece, as well as guest artists including some local Berkshire community members. To experience previous episodes, visit us at

The content will be available in 3 parts via a private website link, to be screened in your own home!

  • NET Pre-Show Audiocast
  • Film
  • NET Post-Show Audiocast

About the Breaking Dawn Series: A series of archival performances centering on Black Thinkers, Breaking Dawn: The American Myth examines the complexities and contradictions of the Black American experience. These moving portraits seek to illuminate the beauty and resilience of Black people and Black thought. We are excited to share our inaugural film and accompaniment programing - The American Myth!

*Viewing is free to all. Donations encouraged.


Peter Andersen


Peter Andersen is currently pursuing his MFA in directing at Carnegie Mellon. He is also a graduate of Emerson College where he obtained his BFA in Acting. Since then he has gone on to work for Steppenwolf Theatre Company as the Steppenwolf For Young Adults Apprentice and

Sheldon D. Brown

Sheldon D. Brown


Sheldon Brown is on a never-ending journey to stand true in his inner carefree Black boy self. His journey began in Dayton, Ohio where he was raised by a Southern grandmother (Louisiana), daughter of a sharecropper, a strong woman that he cherishes and carries with him everywhere he goes.


Sara DeViney


Sara DeViney Stampone is a creative producer and connector of people. She has been producing multidisciplinary performances in NYC and beyond (these days, way beyond thanks to technology!) for the last 10 years, and has been gifted with the most incredible group of collaborators along the way. By

Cloteal L. Horne (she/her)

Cloteal L. Horne [she/her]


Cloteal L. Horne is a dynamic actress, educator, and theater-maker. Her credits include, Off-Broadway: The Steadfast (Slant Theatre Project); Dirty Blood (Billie Holiday Theatre). Regional: Fires in The Mirror, Solo performer (LongWharf/Baltimore Center Stage), She A Gem, (NYTW). Black Odyssey (Trinity Rep.) Marie Antoinette, Comedia De Equivocaciones; Venus (Brown/Trinity),


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