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Riotous Youth - Information For Parents

Riotous Youth will take place at Shakespeare & Company and Lenox Memorial Middle and High school.  Please check the calendars for your location. If you have to drop off students at more than one location, just let the teachers know where you are dropping off first.

Participants should be dropped off between 8:50–8:55 am.

All participants should bring a full lunch and two snacks. NO participants will be permitted to leave Lenox High School for any reason (such as to buy lunch in Lenox) unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. There are no cooking facilities, refrigerators, microwaves, or vending facilities available to Riotous Youth students.

Students will sometimes be outside during the day so make sure participants are prepared! Sunscreen, water bottles, and bug spray are a must! A towel or small blanket to sit on and a hat might be nice!

Participants WILL need help learning their lines by heart. Please help your child learn and understand his/her text. It would be wonderful if you and your family were a part of this process.

Friday of the first week Pizza Day. To celebrate our halfway point in the program we will arrange a pizza lunch for the students. This is optional; feel free to pack a lunch if you prefer.

Participants must be picked up promptly at 3 pm!!! A late fee of $5 per minute will be assessed for any child not picked up by 3:05. We apologize for any inconvenience that this policy may cause, but please understand that any delay impacts not only Riotous Youth staff, but also many other actors, directors and staff of Shakespeare & Company at large.

Would you like a list of participants and where they live, so that you can organize a carpool? You can request one by emailing We cannot give out participants’ phone numbers, but we are strongly in favor of you and yours creating an arrangement that is both parent-and earth-friendly.

 Thursday of the second week is dress rehearsal day.  This will take place at the Shakespeare & Company property.  If there is heavy rain, rehearsal will remain at Lenox High School.  To confirm the location this day, you can call 637-1199 ext. 135 any time after 8:00 am and listen to a recording.

 Please keep Friday morning of the second week free so that you and your friends and family can witness and celebrate our final day performances under the tent on the Rose Footprint Theatre.  In the event of heavy rain, the performance will be held at Lenox High School. To confirm the location this day, you can call 637-1199 ext. 135 any time after 8:00 am and listen to a recording.

 The final day of Riotous Youth is at Shakespeare & Company.  This day ends about 10 minutes after your child’s performance.  We encourage you to attend  the other sessions’ performances as well.

If you child is in more than one session, they will receive their t-shirt during their first session.

Session Calendars: Availible in May, 2017


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