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Longing by Lee Kalcheim

Jan 19, 2019
1:00PM - 3:00PM

Play Reading
Directed by Dave Demke

This reading is part of the Winter Studio Festival of Plays

Henry is about to turn 50. He has lost his job. His wife and he are just separated. He has moved in with his father. And it’s a comedy.

Henry and his dad are very close. And they interact like an old vaudeville team as Henry tries to sort out what has happened to his life. The play starts 2000 as he waits at Penn Station for his wife to return from a trip to see if they can patch up the marriage, and we flash to 1972 when Henry is working as a Herald Tribune reporter in Paris, where he meets, and is smitten by a French beauty, Corinne. Then later in 1976 when he meets and is smitten by exuberant sex obsessed, Molly and then in 1986. when he meets a smart, feisty stewardess, Pam…and…..Well, though he falls in love with all of them, he marries only one. Who? And now as he “relives” his life, seeking advice from his Dad, he feels a deep longing for the excitement and romance of all those past encounters. Despite his father’s urging that he “live in the present”, he counters, “I am living in the present. I’m living my past in the present!”

As he waits in Penn Station, for his wife to return, we travel with him through is past, wondering which of the women she will be, and if their reunion will quench his longing.

Cast: Martin Asprey, Rachel Siegel, Andrew Borthwick-Leslie, Bob Lohbauer, Sarah Corbyn Woolf, Elizabeth Aspenlieder, Kate Abbruzzese

General Admission: $25/Adult; $10/Student
Winter Studio Festival Pass: See all 5 plays: $75/Adult Pass; $30 Student Pass

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