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The Whirligig by Hamish Linklater

Jan 14, 2018
4:00PM - 6:00PM

When, after much time away, Kristina is back in Berkshire County, word spreads fast that she and her ex-husband are caring for their estranged, ailing daughter Julie. Broken-hearted and giddy with love and confusion, surprising visitors from Julie's complicated past, including her childhood best friend Trish and her former drug dealer, practically trip over each other to reach the young woman they thought they'd lost years before but still feel so deeply connected. Heartfelt and compassionate, Hamish Linklater'sThe Whirligig spins a tale of a fractured community weaving a circuitous route back to one another.

Directed by Hamish Linklater
Cast: Colin Gold*, David Joseph*, Rory Hammond, Ryan Marchione, Rylan Morsbach, Atalanta Siegel, Thom Whaley*, Kristin Wold*, Sarah Corbyn Woolf.

General Admission Tickets: $25; $10 Student Tickets available. Online purchases subject to $4.00 service fee.

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