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Taconic Hills High School's As You Like it

Nov 19, 2017
3:30PM - 5:00PM

Directed by Caroline Calkins and Greg Boover

Time: 3:30 PM

Where: The Tina Packer Playhouse

WEEKEND PASS: $80/Adult and $35 Student
SINGLE TICKETS: $16/Adult and $10 Students

Plot Summary

Sir Rowland De Boys has died and his will states that his eldest son Oliver has control of his estate, but must look after his younger brother, Orlando. Out of spite, Oliver denies his younger brother all that is owed to him. Oliver, seeing an opportunity to get rid of his brother for good, tells Charles (a wrestler brought in by Duke Frederick) that Orlando, who he is set to fight, is a cunning sportsman who will do anything to win. Meanwhile, Duke Senior has been usurped by his brother, Duke Frederick, and is banished, with his court, to the Forest of Arden; only his niece Rosalind remains. Celia and Rosalind attend the match and after Orlando defeats Charles, he and Rosalind fall madly in love. They leave the match and Duke Frederick banishes Rosalind from his court. Celia, unable to imagine life without her cousin, begs her father to let her stay, but he will not budge. So, Celia and Rosalind disguise themselves and flee to the Forest of Arden with their fool, Touchstone. Celia dresses as a shepherdess named Aliena and Rosalind dresses as a young man named Ganymede. When Orlando returns home, his faithful servant Adam tells him that Oliver is going to kill him so, they too, flee to the Forest. Duke Frederick, learning that his daughter, Rosalind and Orlando have fled, calls for Oliver to seek out Orlando in the Forest.

Meanwhile, Ganymede (Rosalind) and Aliena (Celia) meet two shepherds – Corin and the lovesick Silvius. Soon enough Rosalind runs into the equally infatuated Orlando. Believing her to be a man, Orlando tells her how overwhelmed he is by his love. Rosalind claims to be an expert in curing men of love and promises to cure Orlando if he comes to her cottage and woos her as if she were Rosalind. Orlando agrees to the love lessons. Rosalind and Celia come across Silvius pining over Phebe, who treats him horribly. When Rosalind intervenes, disguised as Ganymede, Phebe falls hopelessly in love. One day, Oliver appears and describes how Orlando stumbled upon him in the forest and saved him from being devoured by a hungry lioness. Oliver and Celia (still disguised as the shepherdess Aliena) fall instantly in love. As time passes, Phebe becomes increasingly insistent in her pursuit of Ganymede, and Orlando grows tired of pretending that a boy is his dear Rosalind. Rosalind decides to end the charade. She promises that Ganymede will wed Phebe, if Ganymede will ever marry a woman, and makes everyone pledge to meet the next day at the wedding. They all agree. The day of the wedding arrives, and the group congregates before Duke Senior and his men. Rosalind, still disguised as Ganymede, reminds the lovers of their various vows, then secures a promise from Phebe that if for some reason she refuses to marry Ganymede she will marry Silvius, and a promise from the Duke that he would allow his daughter to marry Orlando if she were available. Rosalind leaves with the disguised Celia, and the two soon return as themselves. It is then announced that Duke Frederick, upon his attempt to end his brother’s life in the Forest, met a holy man and was converted to living a Christian life returning power to his brother. All celebrate with a wedding!

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