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Lee High School's Julius Ceasar

Nov 19, 2017
1:30PM - 3:00PM

Directed by Douglas Seldin and Alison Howard

Time: 1:30 PM

Where: The Tina Packer Playhouse

WEEKEND PASS: $80/Adult and $35 Student
SINGLE TICKETS: $16/Adult and $10 Students


Julius Caesar has returned to Rome triumphant from the war against Pompey. The Roman republic is prepared to heap him with new honors, causing concern and dismay among some senators who fear that too much power is held by one man. While Caesar and his followers are celebrating his victory, a soothsayer warns him to beware the Ides of March. Caius Cassius, Casca, and Decius plot a conspiracy to murder Caesar, enlisting the support of the well-respected Marcus Brutus. Brutus has misgivings but is persuaded that Caesar’s death is necessary for the good of the republic. However, he rejects Cassius’ proposal that Mark Antony, closer friend of Caesar, should also be killed. Portia is worried about her husband Brutus’ suspicious activity and asks him to confide in her. The next morning, Caesar’s wife, Calpurnia begs him not to go to the senate after seeing dangerous omens in her dreams. Decius convinces Caesar to disregard Calpurnia’s advice and accompanies him to the senate house. Brutus, Cassius, and their co-conspirators meet Caesar there and stab him to death on the Ides of March.

At Caesar’s funeral Brutus addresses the people and successfully explains the conspirators’ motives. However, Mark Antony speaks next and turns the mob against the conspirators, who are forced to flee from Rome. Mark Antony and Caesar’s nephew, Octavius, take command of Rome and lead an army against the conspirators. Brutus and Cassius are defeated at Philippi where they kill themselves rather than be captured.

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