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Mt. Everett Regional High School's Romeo and Juliet

29th Fall Festival of Shakespeare

Nov 17, 2017
6:15PM - 7:30PM

Directed by Caitlin Kraft and Madeleine Maggio

Time: 6:15 PM

Where: The Tina Packer Playhouse

WEEKEND PASS: $80/Adult and $35 Student
SINGLE TICKETS: $16/Adult and $10 Students

Plot Summary

The houses of Montague and Capulet have been enemies for so long that no one can remember the original reason for the feud. The prince has promised to execute the next person who fights in the streets. The Capulet family throws a party in hopes of introducing their daughter Juliet to the nobleman Paris. Giuseppe Potpan, a Capulet servant, mistakenly lets Romeo and Benvolio (both Montagues) know about the party. Along with their boisterous friend Mercutio, the Montague boys crash the party. At the party, Romeo and Juliet meet and instantly fall in love. Later that night the two meet in the Capulet's orchard, confess their love, and plan to be married the next morning. Meanwhile, on the hot streets of Verona, Juliet’s angry cousin Tybalt starts a fight with Mercutio. When Romeo tries to stop the fight, Mercutio is killed. Romeo then fights Tybalt, and kills him. The Prince banishes Romeo to Mantua. Before he leaves, Romeo sneaks back to Juliet to say goodbye to her, aided by her Nurse and Friar Lawrence.

When Juliet later refuses to marry Paris and is confronted by her furious family, she too seeks help from the Friar. He gives her a sleeping potion that will make her appear dead, allowing her to wake up later and escape with Romeo. The news of this plan does not reach Romeo, however, and he buys a poison, goes to Juliet’s tomb and kills himself in grief. When Juliet wakes up, she finds Romeo dead, and kills herself with his knife. When the families discover the bodies, they promise to make peace and end the feud.

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