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Shakespeare and Company Actor Training

Shakespeare’s Rhetoric

This is the ONE workshop to take if you are interested in speaking the text with clarity, authority and vision.

Shakespeare wrote in Rhetorical forms for an audience well accustomed to hearing them. When speaking Shakespeare’s text, we 21st Century Westerners begin with the disadvantage of being steeped in a highly visual society. Speaking Shakespeare’s text persuasively demands deep internal recognition of the way he wrote, and how it was intended to persuade.

This hands-on acting workshop encompasses voice work, movement and text classes which focus on speeches and exchanges that highlight elements of structure and rhetoric. It is experiential work and is particularly valuable when taken more than once.

This workshop offers an immersive experience in the following areas vital to playing Shakespeare:

  • The Music and Architecture of Shakespeare’s Verse as a tool for accessing the psychological and emotional state of the character
  • Classical Logic and Rhetorical Figures to unlock the power of Shakespeare’s argument
  • Embodying the Text through Voice and Movement work designed to let the text live in the whole body

The focus of this workshop is to:

  • embody the elements of rhetoric and argument as Shakespeare knew them.
  • examine the evolving styles of verse structure from Shakespeare’s early, middle and late plays, and
  • apply this knowledge to a practical speaking of the text

Participants would prepare two short monologues from two selected plays.

Dates: TBA

TUITION: $750 (includes room only)

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Director of Training Dennis Krausnick (right) with Nigel Gore in Hamlet, 2006. Photo: Kevin Sprague.