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Shakespeare and Company Actor Training

First Folio Workshop

Dennis Krausnick, Shakespeare & Company’s Director of Training, leads this workshop in an exploration of Shakespeare’s earliest texts and their value to actors today.

What have the past 400 years of editing and scholarship done to the way Shakespeare is read and performed today? Have you ever thought that the original texts might be more useful to the working actor than all the modern editions put together? What can Shakespeare’s earliest texts tell us about the evolution of the plays as they passed from playwright to actors, from printers to editors? How can today’s actor find useful tools in the Folio to gain a deeper appreciation of the text and to achieve a more compelling performance?

During the workshop, participants will work on selected speeches, clearing away the strata of centuries of editing in order to establish a more direct connection with Shakespeare’s language. Speeches should be 10-20 lines long, and ones to which the actor feels a strong personal connection. They need not be age/gender specific. Each speech will be examined closely in both its modern and original forms.

Dates: TBA


Application Deadline: TBA
(Applicants may be accepted after deadline as space allows.)

Enrollment in this workshop is limited to twenty actors; apply today!

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