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Shakespeare and Company Actor Training

Dropping In Workshop

An exercise created by Tina Packer and strongly influenced by her 14-year collaboration with Shakespeare & Company co-founder Kristin Linklater, “Dropping In” and its follow-up exercises of “Standing Up” and “Feeding In” allows the actor to connect to the atavistic depths of words.

Packer’s initial impetus was inspired by a desire to allow the spoken text to have a greater resonance and a deeper reverberation in the psyches of both performer and audience. It can also be used to create a dynamic and visceral alternative to traditional “table work”. The process reactivates the natural imaging processes of the brain and allows the craft of memorization to become an easier, more creative and regenerative task.

Participants will gain a working knowledge of Dropping In techniques, experiencing them as both actor and facilitator. They will train to use it and to adapt it for their own rehearsal work. This workshop will be especially useful for actors or directors involved in the creation of High School, University, or Professional productions of Shakespeare’s plays.


TUITION: $300 (on-site housing included, Lenox only)

Friday 7-10pm / Saturday 10am-10pm / Sunday 10am-4pm

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