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Overseers’ Training Scholarship Fund

Shakespeare & Company Training Alumnus John Douglas Thompson in Mother Courage and Her Children. 2013. Photo by Kevin Sprague.

Shakespeare & Company Training Alumnus John Douglas Thompson in Mother Courage and Her Children. 2013. Photo by Kevin Sprague.

The Overseers’ Training Scholarship Fund has been set up in an effort to broaden access to the Shakespeare & Company Training Programs. The fund is designed to support artists who do not have the financial ability to afford the career-advancing training available from Shakespeare & Company. Click on the profiles below to learn about these artists in need of support. If you have any questions about the Overseers’ Training Scholarship Fund, please call 413-637-1199 ext. 114.

See the bottom of the page for the current Terms & Conditions as of 9/27/2013.


Terms and Conditions

(Acting student) will be a participant in the (designated program) at Shakespeare & Company. In order to raise partial funds towards the tuition of $4,200, (acting participant) has agreed to have his/her profile posted on the Training Scholarship Page of the Shakespeare & Company website. This profile provides an outlet to which he/she may direct friends, family, and others to make individual donations towards his/her tuition. All funds received from such donations are contributions to his/her scholarship fund for the (designated program). Shakespeare & Company will provide the donors of such contributions with all supporting documentation necessary for tax reporting purposes.The Training Scholarship Page does not obligate Shakespeare & Company to provide scholarship funds for the applicant’s desired training program. Shakespeare & Company does not give additional advertisement to this page on the website. It is the responsibility of the applicant and only the applicant to direct individuals to the Training Scholarship Page.The applicant must adhere to the stated payment deadlines as indicated in their acceptance letter; tuition must be paid in full by (date: dependent on program) to reserve a spot in the designated program. If the applicant drops out of the designated program, he/she can choose:

  • To reserve the individual donations made on the Scholarship page as credit towards another designated program for up to two years after the original program of choice.
  • If the applicant or his/her designee fails to take such actions as described, the funds will be deposited into the Shakespeare & Company General Scholarship Fund to be distributed at the discretion of the Director of Training.

(Acting student’s) profile will be posted on the Training Scholarship Page on (date: dependent on program). Once the full amount of the required tuition has been raised the profile will be removed. If the applicant did not receive enough funds, they may choose to keep their profile live and continue to raise money for the required tuition which can be applied to another program at a later date at Shakespeare & Company. (S&Co employee) will monitor the page and keep track of all payments in that time period.