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Shakespeare and Company Actor Training

The Month-long Intensive

Revitalize Your Art

Text session with Dennis Krausnick. Photo: Danny Kurtz.

Create a new relationship with Shakespeare’s text, with yourself as an actor, and with your place in the world of theater during the Month-long Intensive, the core of Shakespeare & Company’s training disciplines. All of the training devised to create the power and aesthetic of the Company is condensed into four weeks of fourteen-hour days which challenge, discombobulate and illuminate actors from all over the world who come to train here.

For six days a week, from 8:00am until 10:00pm, participants immerse themselves in all areas of the Company’s technique, including:

  • Text analysis
  • Voice
  • Movement
  • Elizabethan dance
  • Alexander Technique
  • Stage fight
  • Exploration of the actor/audience relationship
  • Sonnet work
  • Scene work
  • In-depth discussions about the function of theater and the role of the actor in today’s world.

The Voice Work

The full progression of Kristin Linklater’s approach to voice training for Actors (see Freeing the Natural Voice, Drama Book Publishers) is taught during the four weeks by experienced teachers trained and designated by Kristin Linklater.

Photo: Danny Kurtz

The Movement Work

The movement work guides the participant through essential areas of development: awareness of (and release from) habitual body tension, sensitivity to impulse, the experience of alignment, momentum and authentic body movement, delight in moving, as well as the use of physical space and group integration. The movement work also includes an exploration–through fight work–of the physical violence encoded in Shakespeare’s text.

The Text and Scene Work

The first week of classes introduces the actor to a text approach which demands an open, personal commitment to thought, word and gesture. The participant explores the Elizabethan world of the Actor/Audience Relationship: a theatrical reality without a fourth wall in which the immediate energy of the audience fuels the actor and engages the audience.

The second week evolves into scene work, first through Dropping In (an approach to experiencing the text on a word-by-word basis, developed by founder and artistic director Tina Packer), followed byText Analysis and detailed Scene Work.

Hold Nothing Back

Train your voice and body with a daily regimen of demanding classes. Delve deep into your own imagination, intellect and emotional life to bring the whole of the actor’s being into the moment of theater. Shakespeare’s language draws everything from the actor: nothing can be held back.The will power and commitment necessary to speak Shakespeare’s text in a way that involves the audience demands that actors draw upon experiences and self-reserves they may never have touched before.

Actors leave this training experience re-energized, renewed and ready to throw themselves back into their grueling schedules of rehearsal and performance.

VIDEO: The Workshop in Action

Associate Director of Training Dave Demke works with a training participant on Sonnet 30 at the 2008 Month-Long Intensive.


Dec. 29, 2015 — January 24, 2016
NOTE: For those who are flying arrival day is December 28th and departure day is January 25th, so please take note of that when booking flights. Classes start from the afternoon of December 29th and continue through the evening of January 24th.

$4500 (room and board included)
(Early Payment Discount: Deduct $500 if paid by October 1st, for reduced cost of $4000. May not be combined with alumni, union, or other discounts.)

Application Deadline: December 9
(Applicants may be accepted after deadline as space allows.)

For those who are flying arrival day is December 28th and departure day is January 25th, so please take note of that when booking flights. Classes start from the afternoon of December 29th through the evening of January 24th.

The Month-long Intensive is geared towards actors above age 21, or those who have already completed their undergraduate degrees. If you are a current undergraduate student, please consider the Summer Training Institute.

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