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Weapon Rentals

Assembled over the course of 30 years, Shakespeare & Company has arguably the finest stock of stage weapons in the region. Stored and meticulously maintained in a climate-controlled armory by our dedicated Weapons Master, the collection includes a complete range of hundreds of fight-worthy and non-fight-worthy weapons, bladed and otherwise, including:

  • Broadswords, (long/short, light/heavy)
  • Rapiers (bell or caged hilt)
  • Daggers and dirks
  • Selected reproduction and deactivated firearms
  • Spears, staffs and battle-axes
  • Starfire, McCann Broadsword, and American Fencing Society weapons

Rental Fees

A selection of monthly rental fees. Contact the Weapons Master for more info, or to inquire about weapons not listed here.
All rental amounts are for the first month. That is the minimum rate. We do not do weekly rentals.
Rentals of longer duration will be negotiated case-by-case.

Broadswords (short/long)       $30/mo
Light broadswords (short/long)       $25/mo
Rapiers (cage hilt, bell hilt)       $30/mo
Daggers (8″, 12″, dirk)       $20/mo
Wooden daggers       $10/mo
Sheaths       $15/mo

A note about renting weapons: Rental of weapons is limited to those individuals or organizations that Shakespeare & Company deems trained in their use. Weapons are released at the discretion of the Weapons Master. A refundable security deposit will be required. We do NOT ship. All rentals pick-ups and returns will be the responsibility of the customer.

Weapons Rental
To get started with your weapons rental, contact Bob Lohbauer, Weapons Master by phone at (413) 243-2779 or (413) 822-3384