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Shakespeare and Company Media

Prop and Furniture Rentals

Shakespeare & Company’s talented scenic and props artisans have over the years designed, built and collected a number of hand props, furniture pieces and other scenic elements from a variety of historical periods and styles. Contact our Technical Director to see if we have what you’re looking for. Chances are good that we’ll have something to fit your needs.

Prop and Furniture Rentals
To get started on your rental, contact the Production Manager at

Rental Rates

Per Hand Prop: $5.00 for the first week, $2.50 for each subsequent week
Per Furniture Piece: rates determined by the Props Master
Scenic Elements: rates available upon request
Consultation Fee: $25.00 per hour*

*All rentals are subject to a Consultation Fee to allow for our assistance in opening storage, pulling weapons, props or furniture or pulling, matching and sizing of costumes.

Props, furniture and scenic elements are released at the discretion of the Production Managers or Props Master.

Props and furniture are valuable items — deposits are held subject to proper return of a rental and will be utilized if repair or replacement is needed.