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Shakespeare and Company Education

Residencies in Schools

Students at Mount Everett Regional High School

Teams of teaching artists, professional directors, actors, and technical staff work in collaboration with educators to introduce students to Shakespeare in ways that are active, imaginative, and personally meaningful.

Residencies are flexible in design, and new models can be created to serve the needs of each school. Residencies can last from one day to ten weeks and be either an in-school or an after-school program. Residencies end with a final performance of the students’ work, whether it be selected scenes, a performance piece, or a full production. The Elementary and Middle School Residency Program serves students from the 4th to 8th grades. High School Residencies, including the annual Fall Festival of Shakespeare, serve older students. This program has operated annually since 1985.

“Through the process of rehearsing and performing the plays of William Shakespeare for themselves, for each other, and for the community, students inhabit a Renaissance world of beautiful language, profound thought, and passionate feelings that articulate and celebrate the full spectrum of human experience.”
– Kevin G. Coleman, Director of Education

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