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Specialized Workshops

A variety of specialized workshops exploring a full range of disciplines including clown, stage fight, rhetoric, Linklater voice, Women of Will with Tina Packer, and more.

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Public Speaking Workshop with Tina Packer


Learn to speak in front of any size audience and move them with your words.

  • Free your natural voice
  • Understand the basics of speech construction
  • Tap into your truth
  • Connect with and understand your audience
  • Focus your message
  • Persuade an audience of the validity of your message
  • Inspire your audience to act

This weekend workshop is designed to meet the needs of community, local, social and other activists who seek to improve their skills and confidence in connecting to an audience and delivering their message. It will include knowledge gained from Shakespeare & Company’s experience of embodying the text of a great speech. Each participant will have the opportunity to experience speaking with “the whole of who they are” as well as to practice and refine their own unique message on a subject of their choice.

Two 3-Day Workshops

August 4-6, 2017 - This workshop is FULL. Waitlist available.

September 1-3, 2017 - This workshop is FULL. Waitlist available.

Friday (6pm-10pm) is an introduction to Shakespeare & Company’s aesthetic and an opportunity for the participants to shift gears and focus on their personal public message through a series of exercises involving voice, body and listening work.

Saturday (9am-5pm) focuses on the participants’ individual voice and experiences, which are incorporated into both a monologue that the actor has prepared for the class, and group explorations of rhetoric, audience connection and acting through listening that will inform participants to refine their own message.

Sunday (10am-1pm) completes the review of Shakespeare’s monologues and public speaking rhetoric, and concludes with the participants performing their newly focused personal public monologues with improved character, connection and presence.

Participants are responsible for their own meals. Adequate time will be given (and yet it is recommended to bring a pre-packed lunch to make a more efficient use of time).

Intended to help community, local, and social activists improve their skills and confidence, so that they can help drive positive change in their communities.

The workshop is open to all walks of life, and all age groups.

The workshop is limited to 12 participants.

Tuition: $100 USD (housing not included)

Scholarships available.


Tina Packer is the founding artistic director of Shakespeare & Company. She has directed, acted, and taught both Shakespeare and theater performance at Shakespeare & Company as well as at over thirty colleges around the globe including Harvard, MIT, Columbia and NYU. She is a social entrepreneur, actor, playwright, author and a recipient of the state of Massachusetts’s highest honor, the Commonwealth Award.

Samuel Dinnar is an instructor with the Program on Negotiation at Harvard, a mediator of business disputes and a Meedance consultant on business and entrepreneurship. He is also an actor, director and graduate of Shakespeare & Company’s education and professional actor trainings.




An exploration of Glorious Failures and Epic Imbalances. Being funny is not a requirement.

Throughout history, the Clown has played a vital role in our communities. Cross-culturally, the Clown has been looked to in order to reveal what is most human about us all and asks us to laugh about it. In these three days, actors will explore what is most human about themselves–revealing it and celebrating it publicly. This is a workshop in Clowning, an exploration of the Red Nose, Play, Complicity and how each of these are vital to the actor’s training.

Taught by: Michael F. Toomey

Dates: September 1-3, 2017
(Friday 6pm-10pm, Saturday 10am-10pm, Sunday 10am-4:30pm)

Tuition: $350 USD (housing and one ticket to The Tempest included)

NYC Shakespeare Intensive

A week-long immersion in the language and the world of Shakespeare.

Shakespeare & Company is coming to NYC to celebrate 40 years of excellence in training actors to perform Shakespeare and making that performance both compelling and accessible for today’s audience.

This workshop is designed to be either an introduction to or a refresher in the Shakespeare & Company approach to unlocking the vitality and power of the Shakespeare text for professional actors. Classes will include daily Voice and Movement, Personal Connection, Dropping In, Feeding In and other S&Co approaches to unlocking the exuberant power of the Shakespeare text.

Faculty will include—but is not limited to—Tina Packer, Dennis Krausnick and Dave Demke. The workshop will encompass two weekends and the five evenings in between and will include work in both Monologues and Scenes.

You know this is the training you’ve always wanted but have never been able to take a full month of rural immersion in Lenox. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the luxury you’ve always known you deserve!

Dates: September 16-24, 2017

Tuition: $850 USD (union and alumni discounts available)


Women of Will: The Rhetoric of Gender
with Tina Packer

Shakespeare’s women: who they are, what they do and why – and how they survive and thrive.

Dates: TBA

Dropping In Workshop

Learn our signature dynamic and visceral rehearsal technique for connecting to the text.

An exercise created by Tina Packer and strongly influenced by her 14-year collaboration with Shakespeare & Company co-founder Kristin Linklater, “Dropping In” and its follow-up exercises of “Standing Up” and “Feeding In” allow the actor to connect to the atavistic depths of words.

Participants will gain a working knowledge of Dropping In techniques, experiencing them as both actor and facilitator. They will train to use it and to adapt it for their own rehearsal work. This workshop will be especially useful for actors or directors involved in the creation of High School, University, or Professional productions of Shakespeare’s plays.

Dates: October 6-8, 2017
(Friday 7-10pm / Saturday 10am-6pm / Sunday 10am-6pm)

Tuition: $350 USD (housing and one ticket to The God of Carnage included)

From the Alumni

Maura Matarese

Maura Matarese

I attend at least one workshop at Shakespeare & Company each year as it always allows me an opportunity to grow as actor, to continue to free my actor’s instrument, to meet exciting new artists from around the world, and to spend time in an environment I love, with a faculty whom I deeply respect. moreI attend at least one workshop at Shakespeare & Company each year as it always allows me an opportunity to grow as actor, to continue to free my actor’s instrument, to meet exciting new artists from around the world, and to spend time in an environment I love, with a faculty whom I deeply respect.


Shakespeare & Company is a professional live theatre company in the heart of the Berkshires, presenting a vibrant summer performance season featuring the works of Shakespeare in repertory with classic and contemporary plays. The Company offers one of the most extensive actor training programs by a regional theatre in the country, and is also home to an award-winning and nationally recognized theatre-in-education program.