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About Shakespeare and Company


The Flagship Project in the development of an American Center for Shakespeare Performance and Learning

The Rose reconstruction will be the most accurately researched, designed, and constructed Tudor-era theatre in the world. The project’s authenticity and world-class status is the result of the relationship between Shakespeare & Company, the Museum of London’s Archaeology Service, which excavated the original Rose site in 1989, and the world’s leading scholars and designers in Tudor theatre replication. With a portion of funds from a federal seed grant of one million dollars awarded in 2002 and the generous contributions of individuals, Shakespeare & Company commissioned the Phase One research of the Rose design, which was completed by the design team in October 2002. The Research Report brought together for the first time recent archaeological evidence, centuries-old historical documentary evidence about the Rose and its sister playhouses, academic, and architectural analysis. This remarkable research forms the foundation for the design and building work on the Rose to take place in Phase Two of the project.

In its design and construction phases, the Rose Playhouse will attract visitors from around the world to witness the process of an historic reconstruction undertaken with carefully researched traditional building methods and materials. When completed, the fully operational Playhouse and its surrounding Rose Village will form the heart of Shakespeare & Company’s unique campus. This campus will also support modern theatre venues, a research library, an arts and humanities exhibition and conference center, artisan shops, classrooms, housing, and audience amenities.

In every aspect of its research, design, construction, and use, the Rose Playhouse U.S.A. and the Rose Village embody the aesthetic vision of the Company: “a theatre… rooted in the classical ideas of inquiry, balance, and harmony: a Company that performs as the Elizabethans did — in love with poetry, physical prowess,and the mysteries of the universe.”