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About Shakespeare and Company

Mission, Vision, & Values Statement


The mission of Shakespeare & Company is to deliver a sustainable and vital program of Performance, Training, and Education, integrated for the deepened experience of the artists, the audience, the Company, and the community. We embrace the core values of Shakespeare’s work: collaboration, commitment to language, visceral experience and classical ideals, expressed with physical prowess and an embodied contemporary voice.


Shakespeare & Company strives to be a thriving center of theatrical and creative excellence, rooted in Shakespeare’s work, and the Elizabethan ideals of inquiry, balance and harmony. We are committed to nurturing the creative impulse, exploring the universal themes of human experience, engaging with the widest possible audience, and influencing future generations, using the works of Shakespeare as our foundation.

  • We value the pursuit of excellence in each element of our creative endeavors.
  • We value connection and collaboration among theatre artists, trustees, audience and community.
  • We value the incorporation of ideas that allow us to run our organization with elegance and generosity.
  • We value storytelling that is both dramatic and illuminating. We value language that is poetic, expansive and employed to reveal the truth.
  • We value the integration of Performance, Training and Education, believing that shared techniques, knowledge and experience better develops artists, builds audience and sustains the company.
  • We value the incorporation of new and recent material so as to be responsive to the interests and pleasure of our contemporary audience.
  • We value the artistic risk and experimentation necessary to the creation and sustaining of great theatre and teaching.
  • We value the relationship between the Company and the Board of Trustees as one of mutual understanding and support: the Company commits itself to understanding the role of the Trustees, and the Trustees endeavor to understand the work and work methods of the Company as deeply as possible.
  • We value the pursuit of excellence, and work to feel pride and pleasure in all of our endeavors.

Shakespeare & Company’s home, 70 Kemble Street, was purchased in April of 2000. This large, beautiful property is home to the Company’s administrative offices, housing, rehearsal spaces, and our three theatres: the Tina Packer Playhouse, the Elayne P. Bernstein Theatre, and the tented outdoor Rose Footprint Theatre. From 1978-2000 Shakespeare & Company was located a mile down the street at The Mount, the historic home of Edith Wharton.