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Board of Trustees

Shakespeare & Company is fortunate to have a committed, active and supportive Board of Trustees, combining deep and broad expertise in the arts, law, education, business and finance.

Jerome Berko

Elayne P. Bernstein (1924-2011)

Gene M. Bernstein

Joan Buccino, President, Shakespeare & Volunteer Company

Kevin G. Coleman, Director of Education

Gerald Friedman MD PhD

Susan Grausman

Carole Hyatt

Jeffrey B. Konowitch, Vice Chair

Dennis Krausnick, Director of Training

Harry B. Mathews

Michael A. Miller, Clerk and Chair Emeritus

Kate Millonzi, Chair, Advisory Board

Helga S. Orthofer

Tina Packer, Founding Artistic Director

Claudia Perles

Victoria Rhoades

William M. Ryan

Sol Schwartz

Barry R. Shapiro

David A. Smith

Robert B. Strassler

John Douglas Thompson

Kenneth Werner, Chair and Treasurer

Suzanne Werner

Walton Wilson